I've always liked the design of the Tru-Speed instruments.  So much so that I have recently had the dials refinished on these two speedometers.  These were warped plastic with cracks and fading.  The two shown here were professionally silkscreened in the original design on new dials, using this NOS clock as a color sample. 

The Tru-Speed design features heavy chromed hooded bezels and domed lenses.  I have seen speedometers, compasses, tachometers, electrically wound clocks, voltage meters, ammeters, and even dome lights.  I hope to have other dials reproduced in the future for my own collection and possibly the collections and projects of others as well.
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Seen you have had your tru speed guages restored, I am also looking to have some tru speed guages restored for a boat i have almost restored to orginal condition,could you tell me who restored the guages for you or is their someone who still has these guages,I hope you can help
Thanks Darryl
Hi Darryl:  Thank you for your interest.  The speedometers are $195.00 plus shipping with the new face installed and can be done on an exchange basis for next day turnaround.

I have one ready to go and can send it by itself as shown in the photo (bottom image) or it can be installed into your housing at no extra cost if you send me the whole thing. 

Let me know if you are interested in going ahead and good luck with your project! 

There is a contact button on the banner at the top of this forum with my email. 

Thanks again, KevFin

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Hey Kevin,

Ran across your posting from 2012 of the Tru Speed gauges. I have 4 and would like to have them restored. Can you give me any information as to who does this???


Tom Samuelson
Mankato, MN
Hi Tom, just sent you an email.

-Kevin Mueller