Howdy folks. I'm new here and relatively new to vintage boating. I have a 1958 Glastron Surfflite and a 1960 Glastron Fireflite. My family and myself are enjoying both boats on the water. I am looking for advice and information to help restore these boats. Thanks!
Finless Bob
Welcome.  I'll give you a little background on this forum.  You may know that the forum is derived from Kevin Mueller's (KevFin) early collection and his notes about it.  You can read some of the history at the actual website:   You'll see lot's of videos dealing with Glastron (one of KevFin's favorite makers).  I have one I hope to finish this year and Kevin has many.  In fact, last year I sold him a SkiFlite with the hardtop, so if you're looking for one of those, message him.  You'll enjoy the video from our playlist of our visit to Glastron's 50th Anniv.  and meeting Mr. and Mrs. Hammond and members of Classic Glastron Owners.

Let's see some pictures.
glastron_before.jpg  glastron_logo.jpg 
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Welcome to the hobby, SeaHag. My husband, KevFin, would be the one to talk to if you have any questions! Get in touch with me by phone or email and he will be happy to hear from you.

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Hi, new boater!
You will have a blast with the old boats..
Even the teenagers think the Old style tubs are cool!
Welcome.. There are no better people on earth that boat