Now scheduled for July 23rd 2016

gene gene
OK Terry, I'll mark the calendar and let others know.
Bob and I will come for sure and I hope to bring some new faces with new OLD boats from Iowa this year.
Finless Bob
Terry, here's the poster for this year's Show.  I may work other versions but this is it for now.  I did put Benedetti's Supper Club on a separate line of the event schedule to make it more obvious and added it to the dedicated Google Map with event locations.  I hope a lot of new people will see this and come to my favorite event at great place.  The only problem is that KevFin's little boy will have his first Birthday party just a day before the Show.  AND even more serious, the new Star Trek movie is being released on the 22cnd and 23rd.  For a guy who likes boat lights shaped like the Enterprise, this is a major dilemma.  

Here is a .jpg file that can be printed out on 11x17 at any good copy place in case someone wants to post it in the real world.  Link to 300dpi file for local printers  

Midwest Show 2016.jpg
Belfry moderator.

So does everyone have their boat shined up and ready for the Big Show?

Hope to see you all at the Rock!