Finless Bob
And a happy New Year.   I spoke to KevFin yesterday at his shop and thankfully he was real busy during this Seasonal rush.  Kevin has been even more occupied than usual (which doesn't seem possible) working on his invention schematics and learning how to make 3D models from schematics.   Finless Bob (the other moderator here) has been building a new dynamic HTML version of the Belfry website.  It is nearly done and we hope to actively start using it in the next few months.   Take a look at it on your smart phones and tablets - the entire site, slideshows, pictures, videos and articles should resize to fit.  That's what dynamic HTML5 means.   Please let us know what you think about the new site.  We will probably keep the existing forum here where it is - since it is nearly impossible to archive it over to a new forum at the new site and server.  But, there is a new test forum there that works pretty well (we haven't activated photo uploads to it yet).  So, you can sign up there if you like - in case we change the forum over someday.

The new site: (notice the new drop-down menus to find other pages)

belfry christmas.JPG 

Belfry moderator.