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George Bell from the GOA posted this link to YouTube.

Our friend Eddie Grijalva worked for Glasspar for 10 years starting in 1952. Eddie had the original 16 mm footage and some time ago had it digitized and Mike McKinney added the classic rock soundtrack. Thanks to George Bell over at Classic Glasspars for publishing it on YouTube and most of all thanks to Eddie for providing this historic film.


The film was shot at Back Bay in Newport Beach CA and features Eddie piloting various Glasspar models and prototypes and putting them through their paces. I have seen this footage previously so it is great to see it published on YouTube for all to enjoy.



For those members who don’t know our friend Eddie Grijalva I can tell you he is an amazing individual. Eddie traveled from his home in Northern CA in 2009 to attend the FGC G3 International Rally at Tiger Lake FL so many of us had the pleasure to meet him. 

You can’t miss him in this film. He is the young handsome guy doing donuts in the Citation with the twin Evinrudes and again opening up that Scott in the G3.

Eddie is a native Californian and worked for Glasspar founder Bill Tritt at the Santa Ana plant. He started in the sanding department in 1952 and must have certainly paid his dues to work his way into R&D where he helped build the molds for the boats we cruise aboard today.

He wrote a book about his experience working for Glasspar and it’s a great read that I literally could not put down. I read it cover to cover in one sitting although it is only 45 pages and has lots of pictures. Definitely recommended reading for us Glasspar aficionados.


Glasspar Boat Builder Circa 1952-1962 by Edward Grijalva


In 2004 Eddie restored a Seafair Sedan ‘El Chululu’ and has used the boat for fishing out on the Mare Island Straits at Vallejo CA.

Eddie’s roots go way back in the history of Southern California and he spent 20 years researching his ancestors.

He discovered he was a 6th-genration cousin of Juan Pablo Grijalva who was a lieutenant in the Spanish Army and the first resident of Orange County CA. In 1801 at the age of 55 Juan Pablo retired and petitioned the Spanish government for the land that became Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana. The sprawling 80,000-acre Rancho was in what today is Orange County.

The story of the Grijalva heritage in the Americas actually began in 1518 when Juan de Grijalva led an expedition to the Yucatan and discovered a large river there that today is known as Rio de Grijalva.  In 1533 the ‘San Loranzo’, a ship captained by Hernando Grijalva sailed with Hernando Cortez when the expedition discovered California.

In 1992 Eddie located the ruins of his Cousin Juan Pablo’s casa in the City of Orange. In 1996 the Orange County Historical Commission erected a Historical Marker at the site commemorating Juan Pablo Grijalva.

It has been said that "Grijalva's personal search for his roots has unearthed information that challenges conventional versions of Orange County history" and "Eddie is a bona fide historian/researcher and spending time with Eddie Grijalva is like touching history"

Fantastic posting Terry.  How would someone get a copy of the book?  Finless Bob

Good to hear you enjoyed it. Its amazing in some respects that the film footage survived. But as many know Glasspar was a huge entity back in the day and still has loyal followers today.

Eddies book is available through all major booksellers.

That film is soooo coolio

I have acquired this boat, it's a Seafair sedan. I would like to know if you know, what year it is.