Finless Bob

Some of the participants at Kevin's Midwest Classics Show 2012 requested copies of the Series when it became available.   Well, today it is.   You can learn all about it and order at the website:

The entire Series of 10 Shows fits on one Blu-ray disc in Standard Definition Widescreen.
I've included a "Bonus" disc that includes some segments I made after the Series was completed in 2010.  The Bonus disc has the video from the Beloit Midwest Show 2012.  Because of the savings in time and materials, the Series is half the cost of the DVD sets.   The Blu-ray is  $24.95.

We will no longer offer the Series in DVD sets.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Series, it was inspired by our first visit to Kevin's hostings of the Rockford Fiberglassics National Shows and Fin City.   My wife Nancy and I went on to record many boat show and collector related segments as we learned more about our chosen subject, Classic Boating.

If you don't yet have Blu-ray, I don't suggest viewing the BD disc on your computer.   Due to licensing restrictions,  you have to pay for a program to run them on a PC.  So pick up an inexpensive BD player.  Another big advantage to Blu-ray is that Recorded disks do not have the compatibility issues that DVD recorded discs sometimes had.  

For those of you who own the DVD Set,   I've worked really hard at creating a great menu and Show index that makes finding segments and subjects much easier than shuffling through the DVDs.  The Blu-ray was authored with Sony Software (inventor of Blu-ray)    So, you might want to upgrade to the less expensive newer Blu-ray version for quality, convenience and bonus features even if you have it on DVDs.

Thanks to all our friends again who helped us with the Series.

Belfry moderator.