Finless Bob
I noticed that the St. Louis or Mississippi Valley Chapter of the ACBS will be touring Bill Anderson's facilities.  Bill has been really super nice to me when I stopped in several times on the way back from Fin City.  For obvious reasons, a collection of un-equaled size of Restored glassics is something to be careful about.  So, tours of his collection are rare and something really special.  I congratulate Bill on his efforts and I'm glad he's getting the recognition from the ACBS that he richly deserves.

Belfry moderator.
This is their second trip, they were here a few years back,We do an open house every 4th of july,last year I think we hit 220  the year before was a fri sat 6 hrs each we hit 550.there has been several car clubs and afew local other different groups,, but  we don't  open the doors  daily at all,  I like keeping hid  people drive by and have no idea,,the way I like it,,the pictures at  show the majority,I think there are  at least 35-40 done on correct trailers  and probable30 outside in the tomorrow catagory  c u Billisla 6.jpg