There's another boat of the same make as the "AR-SISU" in the Boats in the Belfry Ebook, posted on Fiberglassics:

Has anything else on this boat been found out since the boats in the belfrey entry was written? There are at least 3 of these boats surviving it seems.
Hi Andrew, thanks for the posting!  That seems different to me.  The hull to deck parting line is more straight in the AR-Sisu, which as I understood it at the time was Canadian.  I also believed that the tail light blisters were original, like those of a Sea Lark, but maybe the owner added them.  Most importantly the height of the deck above the hull was much greater and it had really funky looking navigation lights on the deck.  These boats are certainly very similar.  As is often the case, someone probably copied another manufacturers boat and changed it some.  I never learned anything more on the blue boat in the e-book.


AR Sisu2.JPG