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 A few years back, Dave Albertson started a nice forum site  at a point when the future of fiberglassics forum was very much in doubt.  While the gol has members from all over the country (including us Midwesterners)  it seems to function best for it's region, the Northeast.   I had the pleasure of visiting the homebase for this group of collectors in Buffalo to do some video work for them.


Well, on the way up, I took the scenic route along Lake Erie.   It is one of the best drives in the country.  Who could imagine that beautiful vineyards would stretch for a hundred miles hugging the coast of the Lake?  I mean, it's COLD up there.   Apparently there's a micro climate there due to water currents that keeps the vines from freezing. 


Dave's Site and group are sponsoring a summer Classics show in that area, and if anyone has some vacation time - GO to this Show.  Take your time for the drive from the city of Erie up the lakeshore highway, Rt. 5 .  On the way home, stop by the Erie Maritime Museum on the Erie waterfront.   Here's a Rick Steves moment:  There's a clean small motel "The Lighthouse Inn and Restaurant"  at the entrance to the local country club and fishing club in a residential neighborhood as you are leaving the Erie downtown area on Rt. 5.



Here's the link to the Show Info:


Here's the little video promo version of the video for the ACBS Show in Buffalo which features Dave and some of the Custom Craft guys from glassicsonline and nickelcityclassics.




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