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Finless Bob

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I called KevFin.   I knew that he had lot's of irons in the fire right now.   Well, the guys are all working long hours to deliver the Sea Lark on time to the buyer at the end of August and the Beloit Show happens right in the middle of their dash to the finish line.  So, we'll all have to forgive him for not posting about the project boats in a while.   Becca called also to see if any St. Louis folk were going to get rooms at Rodeway at the last minute. We'd really like to see some of the Mississippi Valley folks find their way back to the Show, like Dave Coleman or Todd Young.   We'd also like to see Greg Anderson, Tom Morrison (who came last year even though he didn't have time to run his boat).  Any and all of the Volksboat or Amphicar guys who showed up a few years ago.  St. Louis Musician, Marty Monson and Jill will be bringing their latest find.   Sure, this is one of the only Shows in the world where you can see the rare and beautiful boats of KevFin, Bill Anderson and Del VanEmmerich in action but it's a great boat run with a float-in restaurant and for the first time, overnight docks for participants and good motel rooms for much less than many shows.

Fact is that Terry and the Glasspar bunch know how to have a good time.   You couldn't ask for better event hosts.

If all goes according to plan.  KevFin will run the Cadillac Sea Lark at the Show.   So, if you don't make any other boat gatherings this year, make it to this one.

Last year I invited Jimmy Buffet because he had a Concert up the road that night.  Somehow his people didn't contact my people.   This year I plan to invite Weird Al Yankovich in honor of my boat, "The Aluminati"   I fully expect Al to show up if we both don't mysteriously disappear into a dark canal in Venice.

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Thanks for the help Bob,


Hope Al shows up, I’m a long time fan.

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