Finless Bob
Well, some of you know that I was invited to cover the big boat show near Niagara Falls for the ACS Series by Dave Albertson. "Shuffle Off To Buffalo" Dave does boating websites for the ACBS Chapter and Custom Craft Group in Buffalo.

Well, they invited me back again this year to shoot video.   Also, because there's a trend to fiberglass classic boats being featured at ACBS Shows (they're crowd pleasers).   There's some pretty great restorations of the rarest and most exotic designs now that weren't around ten years ago.  So, Dave asked me to design a special poster for the fiberglass Feature of the Buffalo Show (and supplied some photos of several of the recently revived exotic boats to use in the poster, including our local Illinois collector, Bill Anderson's Samoan.  The poster hasn't quite been approved by the Launch Club as part of their event promo.  But we're hopeful they will like it.

The Evinrude Lark in the poster is not to be confused with Kevin's Sea Lark.   The Lark is a contemporary re-building of the boat from original plans by Brooks Stevens.   The Sea Lark is a re-creation of the design with new molds for producing a number of boats.  Both are spectacular and almost inconceivable a decade ago.

First comes the Beloit/Rockton event with Kevin's Fin City open house.   Then, slowly I'll turn, and head to Niagara Falls, if I still have the energy at 66 years old.

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