hi guys....redfishpirates/john Arndt here...just had a guy call and wanted a hard top for his red fish....seems like a few years ago someone was going to repop them....did that ever pan out???  are any available....thanks john    redfishpirates@centurylink.net
Hi John, thanks for asking.  We did make some Glastron tops and they came out so well you can't tell them from the originals.  They fit the larger, 17 foot boats.  I have one of those done now and it could be adapted to a Redfish.

I  do have a real redfish hardtop for the Sea Shark (the 17 footer) and I do need to copy it at some time.  If this is the size needed and you want one just let me know and maybe we can split the mold fee between us and anyone else who might want to get in on it.  

I've been pretty busy with the Sea Lark for a long time but it is becoming much more manageable these days so there will be time to do other things now.


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