Finless Bob
I answered one of those ads you occasionally see, "60's runabout"  $90 or best offer..
I drove to a very remote area 15 miles from our house that I never knew existed on a road that snaked through deep woods and valleys to a place on Panther Creek Rd. The boat turned out to be a 13ft Razorback on a ridiculously over-sized trailer big enough for a 20 ft cruiser  The little boat would be a decent project boat.  Faded red over faded red with no crazing and a windshield and frame to at least use as a template.  Transom a must.  No seats, etc.   Really unusual hardware but completely pitted.   But, there was a circa 1990 party barge next to it on a restorable Holsclaw trailer.   He wanted $150 for the red boat with the pretty decent monster trailer and wouldn't separate the big party boat from the Holsclaw without some seriouos motivation.

J mention this just in case Roy or someone out there wants another Razorback.  The chrome Razorback logos are intact and in fairly good condition.   The boats were smack in the middle of an ocean of poison ivy.

As out of the way as this place is, it's only about 5 miles off the interstate 55 Mt. Olive Illinois exit where there's also the very large Country Classics Car dealership.

message me for directions if interested.

Thanks to the library for the pic
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