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I have some NOS Boat hardware items for sale...

Items for sale:

- 2 NOS Attwood Seaflite steering wheels & one NOS Wilcox Crittenden wheel.

- several NOS cleat/chocks sets (ie: Attwood, Jervis etc.)

- A few NOS bow lite/stern lites (ie:  Attwood/Jervis)

- NOS Step pads (Attwood/Jervis)

Call me if interested for $-pricing at:  #(seven-six-five) 2nine6 - 4six9seven

- Brad

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All remaining NOS boat hardware items to hit Ebay this weekend for a 7-day listing!  Check 'em out!
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Do you by chance have these steering wheels for sale? I need one for a restoration project on an old Lone Star. Looking for a steering wheel. Steve 435-760-5100
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just wondering if any of these parts are still available ?
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Sorry for the delay in my response here...

For those interested - I just listed on Ebay last nite a whole mess of NOS Attwood boat wheel packages as well as individual separate items such as:  the center caps, hubs and wheels.  Use a key word search "NOS ATTWOOD BOAT WHEEL" to find them on Ebay.  Auction ends in 7-days on Saturday nite next week.  I'll be listing a few more items when I get more pics on the separate NOS Attwod items.

These NOS items are the 'last of the Mohicans' as far as these particular NOS items are concerned.  I have not seen this stuff available for quite some time anywhere and when I happened upon some of these items so many years ago they were quite rare and scare even then back in the late 1990's.  If you have a used wheel it takes a lot of elbow grease to get them restored.  And even then you tell the restored pieces that took days to restore vs. the NOS original wheels in most cases.

If you have any questions feel free to call me at:  #765-430-7636.
Lary Cantrall
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Do you still have the attwood steering wheels?
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