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This picture popped up on a facebook page of Vintage images of the Kawartha Lakes region. You can't see the whole thing but I would love to know more about the boat in the foreground. It looks like an inboard. Anyone have an idea? I've contacted the page moderator to see if they know where the picture came from. 

Wow!  Thanks for posting!  That has to be an inboard...  I don't have a clue as to what it is though.  Very interesting.  It looks as though the front of the deck continues forward without a typical point, more like a Meteor or Car Aqua in appearance up front.  I sure wish the photographer had been as impressed by it as me.  Perhaps they saw something in the clouds that I'm missing!  LOL!  It has be very rare or extinct today.  I love the seats, especially the rear set.

gene gene
Thanks for posting CT,

Interesting boat for sure. I would love to see more pics.

It looks like it may have had tail lights, and the front deck shows a wide car like fender that may have housed dual side by side head lights, late 50's style.

Regards, Gene
Finless Bob
Something about the tail lights reminds me a bit of the Falls Flyer.   Looks like it probably had headlights as well.   Here's Lee Wangstad's history of Larson, Owens, Cutter that mentions some of the LoneStar people came over to Larson and tried making some splash boats (probably stealing some of Hammond's ideas)  I hope Lee see's this posting.  Great posting.
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