Star Zenith Boat Club on the Rock River in Beloit WI is again welcoming the Florida Glasspar Club to hold the 18th annual Midwest All-Classics Boat Show at the clubs historic facility.

The club is hosting an open house and the boat show Saturday August 16th and welcomes all.  The club house is located on an island on the beautiful Rock River and is a perfect setting to show classic boats in the water or on land along with vintage tow vehicles.

To quote Cheech and Chong,

"Right on, right on, right on, right on, this is Right On Washington saying right on, right on, right on,


I will be there with something that RUNS!!!!!!
Probably the Hydrostream Panther tunnel.

AND, a bunch of Mercury outboard stuff to celebrate their 75th Anniversary this year!!! IMG_1094a.jpgcache_2921971604.jpg
Hey Joe,

Right on, Glad to hear you're on board and with a running boat to boot. Looking forward to seeing the Merc stuff too. I been talking to the AOMC guys too and trying to get them to come out.





Hi Terry.
I see the AOMCI Motorheads have not picked a meet date in August yet, so hopefully they will go to Beloit.
Good to see it moved back a week. More people will go.

Hello Everyone,

We are cruising full speed ahead through the summer of 2014 and on course for the Midwest All-Classics Boat Show at the Star Zenith Boat Club in Beloit WI. I hope everybody has had some time to spend out on the water and now our event gives us one more chance to get these Classic Boats wet.

Friday August 15th late afternoon we will have a meet and greet at the Rock Restaurant on the west bank of the Rock River just south of the Boat club. Boat launching will be available at the Boat Club and also north of the club at Jerry’s Sport Services. You can launch early and cruise to the restaurant. Overnight mooring is available at the Boat Club.

Also on Friday evening Friends of the Riverfront will present live music entertainment at Harry’s Pavilion on the east bank at Riverside Park.

Saturday August 16th we are showing the boats at the Star Zenith Boat Club on the Rock River. Slips will be available both on the river and in the lagoon. Or if preferred show your boat on land in the newly paved parking lot. We run the boats in the afternoon and later have dinner at the historic Benedetti’s Supper Club.

Sunday August 17th visit KevFin’s "Fin City" downriver outside Rockton IL and see the incomparable collection of strange boats in the “Boat Cave”.

Come up for the whole weekend or just stop by on Saturday and see the boats and have a Bratwurst and some ice cream. The Star Zenith Boat Club is on a private island and is a great place to enjoy a summer day on the river.

Star Zenith Boat Club

2680 Riverside Dr

Beloit, WI 53511



Jerry's Sports Services

3100 S Riverside Dr

Beloit, WI 53511

(608) 365-4520


The Rock Bar and Grill

101 Maple Ave

Beloit, WI 53511

(608) 363-7625


Harry C. Moore Pavilion

Riverside Park

1160 Riverside Drive

Beloit, WI 53511


Benedetti's Supper Club

3232 Riverside Dr

Beloit, WI 53511

(608) 362-9917


Any questions regarding the show and activities please visit:

Email: stmfittr@aol.com or call Terry 847-612-9452

Hosted by the Midwest Chapter - Florida Glasspar Club 

Thanks and let me know if you can come up and Rock the Rock with us.



We are coming down to the wire as Beloit's own 2014 Midwest All-Classics Boat Show scheduled for August 15 and 16, 2014 at Star Zenith Boat Club approaches. If you are coming from out of town and have not made hotel reservations, please do so ASAP.

I have reserved a block of 10 rooms at Rodeway Inn, but that can be added to based on attendance. The price for reserving a room at Rodeway Inn will be 59.99 + tax, for an approximate total of 63.29. You can call any time 2 weeks prior to the show to be guaranteed a room. The address and phone number to the hotel is

Rodeway Inn
2956 Milwaukee Rd.
Beloit, WI 53511

If you are bringing a boat and would like a room facing the parking lot so that you may keep an eye on your boat, let the front desk know you are bringing one when making your reservation. If you would like to stay at a different hotel than Rodeway Inn, please email me (kccarter121@yahoo.com) and I will send you a list of other hotel options.

If you know anyone who maybe interested in attending the show, please either give them one of our printed flyers that Terry has posted or get them in contact with Terry or myself.


Beloit Midwest All-Classics 2014 participants

Terry & Mary Dickson, ‘Mama Mia!’, 59 Glasspar Seafair Sedan

Glen & Georgette Steinberg, 60 Glasspar Citation

Brett & Debbie Kaminski, 59 Glasspar Sport Lido

Bill & Janelle Satler, ‘Glasspar Zombie’ ,57 Glasspar Avalon

Byron Schaefer, 65 Glasspar Seafair Sedan

Bill Bernard, 59 Glasspar Avalon

Peter Hayes ‘Chipmunk’, Glasspar Superlite

Kevin & Becca Mueller, 1958 Cadillac Sea Lark

Del  Van Emmerick, Saucer Boat

Bill Anderson, 59 South Seas Samoan

Bob Whiteside, 50ish 60’s Aluminati

Joe Wallace, 1969 Hydrostream Panther

Marty & Jill Monson, GW Invader

These folks say they’re gonna try to make it: 

Mike Prisk, 64 G3

Jeff Abbott, 60 G3

Greg and Mary Beardmore, 63Glasspar Seafair Sedan

Hal (Bretts buddy), Chris Craft, and yeah a woody I'm guessing

HI Terryd, I am also trying to make the show. Waiting to here from a friend who could pull my boat, it's the HYDROCON early 60's ? If all works out it will be late sat. morn eta, 5hrs from here no stops.
Wish me luck, Gene