There seems to be some misconceptions out there about Meteors being a flat hulled , poor handling boat. Meteors are a "V" hull boat front to back.  It is important to understand when restoring a Meteor that the hull is very thin pliable fiberglass that depends on the internal structure for its shape and often flattens out over time as the original floor structure fails. Most trailers support the hull down the keel or boats are found after sitting for many years on the ground. This slowly flattens out a Meteor hull taking the "V" out of it and bulging the lower sides out.
I have restored 2 Meteors , both were very flat , almost concave when I started on them and had to be brought back to shape. I started by supporting the boat under the head light areas and the very back of the boat to bring the hull back into shape. I used jacks, lots of weight and heat guns to bring the hull back to shape before installing a new floor structure. The front of the hull came down at least 6"-8", with the hull now having a "V" right to the back where the last former goes flat.   I spent about 4 weeks jacking, weights down the middle and heating. I would jack as much as I dare, heat the hull and leave it for a week, then repeat till it finally maxed out in the proper shape over a month or 6 weeks. Bringing it back slowly in this way it was amazing how much it came down and "V"ed. The Meteor with a properly shaped "V' hull sits out of the water much higher and handles properly. Please see the attached pictures showing the process and proper shape. Meteor 092.jpg Meteor 103.jpg  Meteor 091.jpg  Meteor 104.jpg  Meteor 188.jpg  Meteor 183.jpg  IMG_7138.JPG  P1090302.JPG  IMG_0750.jpg  IMG_0687.jpg  IMG_0758.jpg     P1090368.JPG 

P1090407.JPG With the "V" back into the hull the boat now handles, turns, and sits out of the water as the manufacturer intended. The nose sits quite high and doesn't stab waves unless they are fairly large.  We have many hours of enjoyment in our 56 Meteor each year often with 4 people on board.
I will argue the point with anyone who says these boats don't work or handle well, although I do avoid days with big waves just due to the size of the boat. After all a Meteor is the size of a large Aluminum fishing boat so you have to pick your days.  Our boat gets used allot, it's not  a trailer queen..
Brad Lake    (Canadafins)