Finless Bob

At long last.. A Reinelle for the collection.  We all hope Kevin doesn't burn his Spring brush pile before he moves the Reinelle to his new storage facility at the top of Fin Hill, overlooking Fin City.

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Belfry moderator.
Another nice boat for the ever increasing collection. Worth the trip!
Brad Lake. (canadafins)
Very cool boat, now you need a 59 El Camino to pull it with.
fin fever
very cool been searching for one of these for my brother he love's how they look like and a old Biscayne, I cant help but notice the gauges too.The gauges look to be from a Biscayne or Impala are those original to the boat?
59 Glastron fireflite,59 Glastron seaflit with retractable hardtop
I have an old Herter that my dad purchased in 1967. It was sitting in a barn for the last 13 years until my husband decided to try and restore it. Unfortunately he recently passed away.
Does anyone have any thoughts on how I can go about selling it. The last registration I found for it is from 1996 Michigan. It's 14 feet long with a very old looking Johnson 18 (I think).
It's sitting in a Gator trailer.
I live in North Carolina