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OK, I still have 3 project boats that I've made progress on this year but as always, I'm not quite ready to put them in the water at a Show.   To make up for not bringing one to Beloit as I hoped, I took these shots this morning as I was putting away tools etc to get ready for the trip to Beloit.

The aluminum boat I call "The Aluminati"  was the one closest to being ready.  I didn't quite get far enough with splattering the floor and installing the windshield gasket, and mainly, re-wiring the power box and all the running lights and horn.  Here's some shots of where I'm at:

I used a salvaged piece of redwood trim from God knows where for the dash board.  Teak would be better this looks pretty good.


This is the only part of the splatter I've done, but the floor was primed with a base coat of etching primer tinted almond.   (as I mentioned before, galvanized metal primer is suggested for bare aluminum and is commonly available cheap - it is white not gray to start with)  The rear section floor is a hinged panel of redwood boards salvaged from an old wood runabout.  The aluminum hinges were cut down from some old boat seat hinges.


I had to do serious stripping to get to the original mahogany on the backs and seats.


I'll be using teak flooring squares I found locally at a yard sale for the main flooring area.


Marty Monson did a beautiful job on this old 30hp Johnson which has a new 35hp head.  Not sure where I got the controller, but probably Marty or I got from one of the local AOMCI guys.

motor.jpg controller.jpg 

The trailer the Aluminati is on is also a very good no-name product I've dubbed, the "Tee-Not"  The trailer may be an old mastercraft but I've added a TeeNee winch stand, 12" hub-clip wheels with Gator hubs I'll be selling to Rudy for his FinCity restored Gator tube trailer.  Man new tires are crazy expensive now.

trailer-04.jpg trailer-03.jpg 

The beautiful OWENS boat that is cousin to the Lark and the Cutter DeVille would have been ideal to display this year.   But,  I went to a lot of trouble to locate a good trailer for it and will need several more weeks to complete it.  
boat-04.jpg boat-05.jpg 
I decided on modifying a Holsclaw which is naturally blue and white to be compatible with the aqua and white OWENS.   I had the fenders and small parts blasted but plan to just sand, wirebrush and grind the rest, since the trailer wasn't that bad.  It helps to have a world-renowned junk man locally to find the rare 12" trailer wheels with hubcap clips.   There is a trick to finding these.   It's a secret.  Mine is to ask Jack to find me some.   Here's the recent portrait I did of Backwoods Hobo Jack (of American Pickers fame).


trailer-02.jpg trailer-01.jpg  

The undersized trailer it was on was traded to Kmarty (Gort) for a banjo.  Good trade.   He can use the trailer for his amusement park boat and I can torture people legally by attempting to play the 5-string.

As you can see, for those of us who don't live by the water, getting a trailer out from under a boat is an engineering feat.


I'm looking forward to seeing you all at The Rock Restaurant Friday evening.   Once again, I'll be the guy with the video camera begging for boat rides.
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