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Finless Bob

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Here's the additional video footage from the Midwest Show this year that featured new members to the hosting Glasspar Club and the launch of the Cadillac Sea Lark.  I apologize to the participants who brought beautiful boats I didn't have time to record.   There was a couple with a perfect Lonestar aluminum runabout and (with all due respect to Marty and the Quincy Yellow Jacket guys) what might be the cleanest Yellow Jacket ply boat I've seen.  Beautiful boats that I will gladly feature if they return next year.   My biggest omission was the 3 point Hydrocon from the Iowa beard boys.  Definitely next year.   Hope you enjoy the few stories I did cover in this video.

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gene gene

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Hi Bob,
 You did a great job filming this show and we thank you!! I hope no one feels bad if you missed their boat. The time just flew by, so many beautiful boats and good people. 

Just to set the record straight The Hydrocon crew is- I Gene (pony tail), and Bob my first mate who's help was what allowed me to attend the show, are from the northwoods Of Wisconsin. My brother Dave (the uncle Si look alike) is from Iowa, and cousin Bill is from Rockford.

I hope to see you next year with fresh paint and perhaps a bit more speed for the Merc guys.

Regards, Gene

(I still think there could be a "reality" show about you guys fixing up the boat)  VB
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