Finless Bob
This week is the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and of the trip I made with KevFin to Austin TX for the Glastron 50th Anniversary. I remember watching the approaching storm on the big flat screen in the main Lobby of the Hotel across the street from the original location of " Austin City Limits" at the convention center. KevFin's SeaFlite had been shipped down for the event which also allowed Glastron's founder, Mr. Bob Hammond and his wife, to see the "Phantom of the Aqua" (a clever name for the beautiful classic boat, although, puns and yodeling are fortunately not outlawed in Texas.

It was basically a dealer appreciation event for the corporate side of the big boat company. And, while very corporate, they were very friendly and appreciative of KevFin's efforts at preserving the historic exccitement about the boats. I was there to make a video for my ACS Series and KevFins soon to be launched website and B6ats5nThebelfry YouTube playlist..

Glastron's 50th on youtube

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