We did the whole thing to this as usually, ground it down to cloth,new stringers,transom,gel coat,We did a few little things for me that the racer guys wouldn't like but I am not trying to get the last mph out of this,we did a custom tank that is a little bigger than they like,made the rear area flat on top of stringers,bench seat instead of a bucket,,we did make it light,but now 2 can use it comfortable,The engine is a ready to go 1957,75hp Johnson stinger with the nitro lower unit,props are coming,we customed the winch stand a little,I wanted it low so we reversed the winch  and welded a pipe in the tube to save ropes life,This is called Blu By U 2 after the samoan, but this is close to a correct color,and I had an extra gal of gel coat,We still need to do a little wriring and controls but then the saucer gets ground,,still undecided on colors on it,when I walk in Back room I feel I need to do something different but not much left,,thinkin 3 tone yellow,,see ya BillDSCF1188.JPG DSCF1201.JPG DSCF1337.JPG DSCF1338.JPG DSCF1345.JPG DSCF1342.JPG DSCF1346.JPG  ,
Hey!  You guys are really doing some nice work down there!  I love the color scheme.  The name area is very reminiscent of the Samoan so the name is perfect.  Looks just like an offspring! I totally agree with the bench seat, flat floor and ample fuel supply, good decisions all!  Nice colors on the engine too.  I wouldn't change a thing!  Thanks for sharing!