Finless Bob
The 61 or 62 Allison I mentioned in the "Boat Spotting" Forum is now available.   The Allison collector in our area passed because he has several other projects to complete, including a nearly identical boat.

The price is $550.oo which includes the original trailer and a 75hp Chrysler motor.   It's a 2 owner boat and was a family boat for many years.   It did sit on the trailer open to the weather for several years.  The brave buyer would need to re-core the floor.  There were only 25 of these boats made.   They were raced, so there's relatively few existing boats from the first 2 years of production.

I'll try to get photos as soon as possible but the boat is a 100 mile round trip from my house, so it may be a few weeks.  Don't ask me about the trailer, I haven't seen it yet.  Might be a Gator from description.

email me if you're interested and I'll pass it along to the owner.

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